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Unique natural beauty in every call. Traditional rich raspy sound produced by utilizing hard, dense and aesthetically pleasing woods from around the globe.

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Durability and consistency in every call. Crisp, higher volume versatile sound. Low maintenance; impervious to swelling or cracking. Wide range of color selections.

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Crafted To The Finest Detail

Original Design. Select Grade Components. American Craftsmanship. Machine Turned.
Hand Polished. Precision Tuned. Superior Sound. Unparalleled Service.

Original Design

Unique tone board design acutely produces a high range of strikingly realistic duck chatter; from soft subtle quacks, to high ringing hails, and nasty feed chuckles.

Precision Tuned

Professionally tuned with custom cut reed(s) and a hand sanded tone board enabling a precise fit for all specific calling styles.

American Craftsmanship

Commitment to excellence. Exceptional pride taken in producing the finest quality, best built premium calls on the market today.

Cocobolo Shown

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 Accessorize with 737 shirts, caps and decals... 

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